9 Nov | 11am – 1pm | SK Centrum Kultury

A laboratory where movement, body and emotions transcend existing definitions of contemporary dance. It uses the body, its expression and limitless energy to search for forms that make it possible to reach unknown areas of the art of dance. The company, founded by Małgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec, former long-standing dancers of the Polish Dance Theatre (PTT), has a repertoire of three pieces. In the first one, Anonymous, choreographed by Małgorzata Mielech and debuted in June 2014 at Pawilon Nowej Gazowni in Poznań, street art, dance, live electronic music (Anna Suda), and mapping (Olga Warabida) complement each other to create a multidimensional performance. The second, Sababa, choreographed by Małgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec, as well as the third
 – We Bleed The Same Color, choreographed by Shi Pratt, both premiered in June 2013 at the Polski Theatre in Poznań. DanceLab took part in an art residency programme in Berlin organised by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw in association with Mica Moca Project Berlin and Uferstudios, coming up with a piece called NILREB – work in progress, premiered at Uferstudios, Berlin. DanceLab is also behind DanceLabirynth, an interdisciplinary event that brings together representatives of many different art forms, who work together and inspire each other. DanceLabirynth has been held in Poland and Germany. DanceLab’s performances have been shown internationally, e.g. in Jerusalem, Berlin, Jena, London, Lisbon, Oslo; and at home in Poland, e.g. in Poznań, Wrocław, or Kraków.

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