Teatr Amareya

9 Nov | 11am – 1pm | SK Centrum Kultury

A movement and body theatre which developed their own method of creative work and dance/ acting technique based on butoh aesthetics, contemporary dance, body art, laboratory theatre traditions, and contemporary critical theory. The theatre was founded in January 2003 by Agnieszka Kamińska, Katarzyna Julia Pastuszak, and Aleksandra Śliwińska, and has operated at Winda Club/Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture (GAK) since its inception. The activities of Amareya encompass artistic undertakings (performances and other projects); educational efforts (butoh and voicework workshops,lectures, publications); and promotion of cultural activity through the Amareya Art Association and the Gdańsk Butoh School. The group has developed its own method of creative and educational work, based on butoh dance, physical theatre, contemporary dance, the Martha Graham method, Afro dance, voicework, yoga, and psychosomatic practices of relaxation. The theatre is constantly working on its creative method, taking into account ever-changing social, political, and cultural contexts. Amareya’s dancers have studied with masters of butoh: Yukio Waguri, Itto Morita, Mika Takeuchi, Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuri Nagaoka, Seisaku, Kayo Mikami, Ko Murobushi, Daisuke Yoshi- moto, Joan Laage, and others. Amareya have shown their productions at a range of Polish festivals; they have also toured abroad, perfor- ming at the Uppsala Museum Gustavianum, Sweden; Taseralik – Sisimiut Cultural Centre, Greenland; and at the 2014 Theatre X Interna- tional Dance and Theatre Festival in Tokyo. In 2013 Amareya celebrated 10 years of its existence with the three new productions came into being: 2 featuring Katarzyna Pastuszak and set to live music played by Joanna Duda; with-in performed by Agnieszka Kamińska; and fetish.wtf, a group performance directed by Dorota Androsz, also set to live music played by Joanna Duda.


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