Adam Kamiński - miniatura

Adam Kamiński

is the curator of the Mandala Performance Festival and the Laboratory of Movement project based in Wrocław, Poland, while also holding the position of chairman of the Jest Człowiek association. In his work he focuses on propagating culture and coordinating a range of projects in the field of performance art and contemporary dance, including Młodzieżowa Akademia Kulturalno-Społeczna (Cultural and Social Academy for the Youth), Sztuka w akcji (Art in Action), Wibracje Taneczne (Dance Vibrations), Atuty sztuki (Art’s Assets), or Sztuka Aktywności (The Art of Being Active). He has been involved in performance art showcases held in Wrocław’s art galleries (Galeria Miejska – City Gallery, Galeria Entropia – Entropia Gallery), art clubs (Klub Firlej – Firlej Club, Puzzle), and public spaces. He has been the curator of the Wibracje Taneczne dance programme (Wrocław) since 2007. In 2008 he sat on the jury of the Polish Dance Platform, and is member of the Open Forum of Dance Art Professionals. He has founded and now curates the programme Wrocław Tańczący (Dancing Wrocław), and is member of the Polish Ministry of Culture’s commission awarding scholarships for culture promotion (2012-2014).

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