Hanna Strzemiecka - miniatura

Hanna Strzemiecka

is the founder, former choreographer and artistic director of the Lublin Dance Theatre (until 2005) and of the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin Technical University (until 2005), which is her alma mater – she graduated in 1979. In 1982 she was awarded a Ministry of Culture and Art diploma certifying the completion of a three-year course for dance teachers. In the 1980s, Strzemiecka participated in contemporary dance workshops run at the Centre of Culture Promotion in Warsaw. In 1988-90 she stayed in the USA, where she studied novel techniques of creating contemporary dance and various forms of movement and dance theatre. In 1993 she founded the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin Technical University, for which she created around 40 choreographies, winning a range of awards, including prizes at the International Contemporary Dance Forms Presentations in Kalisz, Poland, the International University Theatre Festival in Monastir, Tunisia, or the International Festival of Contemporary Choreography in Vitebsk, Belarus. In 2001 Strzemiecka founded the Lublin Dance Theatre at the Centre of Culture in Lublin. She also founded the International Dance Theatres’ Festival in Lublin and has been the event’s long-time director (since 1997). She also has been active as juror of various contemporary dance showcases in Poland and abroad. Her cultural involvement earned Strzemiecka a range of distinctions: she was awarded a diploma by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland for her contribution to the promotion of dance (2001), the Theatre Award by the Mayor of Lublin for her outstanding achievements with the Lublin Dance Theatre and the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin Technical University (2003) and the Ministry of Culture’s award for a lifetime of artistic involvement (2010).

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