Jadwiga Grabowska - miniatura

Jadwiga Grabowska

(publishes as Jadwiga Majewska) is a critic, theoretician, curator and lecturer. She holds a degree in religious studies from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, where she currently works as guest lecturer. She publishes on dance, as well as theatre and plastic arts. She regularly writes for "Teatr" monthly, including monograph pieces on dance, and for "Didaskalia". She gives lectures and teaches workshops on dance history and theory, as well as on writing about dance. She has published The Body Revolving the Stage. New Dance in New Poland (Instytut Teatralny im. Z. Raszewskiego, 2011). As curator, Grabowska is in charge of a range of Polish and international artistic and educational projects, including the Contemporary Dance Festival KRoki in Kraków. She was awarded a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2011 to complete two anthologies of texts on contemporary dance (to be published in the autumn of 2013). She has translated into Polish Sally Banes’ Terpsichore in Sneakers (PWM, 2013). Grabowska has co-founded the Open Forum of Dance Art Professionals, and is member of the programming board for dance of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, the Dance Critics Association, the Congress of Research in Dance, and the International Dance Council CID. She has founded and now curates MAKT, the Mobile Dance Criticism Academy.

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