Magdalena Hajdysz - miniatura

Magdalena Hajdysz

has danced since her youngest days. Having graduated in Polish Studies from the University of Gdańsk majoring in Theatre Studies and Editing, she switched practice for theory and took up writing, focusing mostly on theatre and dance in the cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, or the Tricity, in the Polish seacoast. In 2008-11 she was a collaborator of the culture section of the Gdańsk edition of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily, where she published on dance theatre, contemporary dance and performance art, and occasionally also on dramatic theatre, plastic arts and literature. She has also written for "Teatr" monthly, and Hajdysz has collaborated with the Gdańsk Dance Festival, authoring a contribution to the festival’s catalogue titled Szkic o stanie trójmiejskiego tańca (An Essay on the State of Dance in the Tricity) and daily reports & reviews for the festival’s Facebook page. In 2010 she conducted workshops on writing about dance as part of the project Okna na Scenę (Window to Stage) run by the Shakespeare Theatre of Gdańsk and Teatr w Oknie (TwO Windows Theatre). She is the author of Raport o stanie tańca w Trójmieście (A Report on the State of Dance in the Tricity) written for the Dance Department of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw (IMiT). She is currently collaborating with the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and writing a book titled Trzy dekady Tańca w Trójmieście. 1982 – 2012 (Three Decades of Dance in the Tricity: 1982 – 2012), to be published by the City Culture Institute in Gdańsk (as part of IMiT’s Publishing Programme).

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