Lublin: A weekend with Polish dance – Polish Dance Platform launched - miniatura

Lublin: A weekend with Polish dance – Polish Dance Platform launched

Friday, 7 November, sees the launch of the Polish Dance Platform. The event, to last until Sunday, is a competitive showcase of the most interesting dance performances produced by Polish artists in the last two years. The finals of the Polish Dance Platform 2014 are taking place in Lublin on 7–9 November. This year's event is organised by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw in association with the Centre for Culture in Lublin. The pieces presented this year have been selected by a nine-person Artistic Commission. They spent the last year and a half travelling across the country to watch almost a hundred works entered into the competition, and chose 13 to go to the finals. Among the successful works there are ones by recognised artists who have already become legends of the Polish dance scene, and by young, emerging creators.

Apart from the chance to see dance performances, the Platform offers presentations of the latest developments on the dance scenes of selected Central and Eastern European countries (Mapping dance), and a series of meetings with artists recommended by the Platform’s Artistic Commission (Artist at a Glance). As part of the Platform, a networking event Open Platform will be held to facilitate new contacts between artists and institutions that support contemporary dance here in Poland and abroad. Finally, the event sees two panel discussions featuring Polish and foreign guests: Dance platform: a short user’s manual and Where? And what for?). All of the additional events are held on Saturday and Sunday, 8–9 November.
The festival venues are the Centre for Culture in Lublin and the "Chatka Żaka" Academic Art Centre.