Polish Dance Platform 2014: Registration for Open Platform – Networking open - miniatura

Polish Dance Platform 2014: Registration for Open Platform – Networking open

The Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw in association with the Centre for Culture in Lublin, the organisers of the Polish Dance Platform 2014, invite professional artists, teachers of different dance techniques, and dance organisations (including publishing houses that offer dance publications) to participate in Open Platform – Networking.
The mini fair will be a chance for exhibitors to present their work, and to exchange experiences and make contacts. Each participant will have a small stand at their disposal to present their materials, situated in the the first floor lobby of the Centre for Culture in Lublin. Participants will also have an opportunity to meet Polish and foreign curators and festival directors, dance professionals from Poland, and the Polish Dance Platform's audience.

Open Platform – Networking is held on Saturday and Sunday, 8–9 November, at 1–3 pm.
Please register by e-mail: info@polskaplatformatanca.pl (stating "Open Platform – Networking" in the subject field) by 20 October.

The registration e-mail should include:
- name of ensemble/artist/teacher/organisation in the case of ensembles and organisation, the number of delegates to be present at Open Platform – Networking
- contact information
- arrival and departure dates.
Information on the possibilities of obtaining assistance from organisers to cover accommodation expenses will be published soon.